M-CSF Responsive Cell (mouse) - Clone ER-MP58

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Conjugate NA
Tissue cell
Species/Crossreactivity mouse
Clone ER-MP58
Application IHC, FACS
Top Categories Antibodies
StorageTemperature +5 ± 3 °C
Latin name Mus musculus
Keywords Monoclonal; primary antibody
Format Purified cell culture supernatant, Liquid
Description For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.
Test Mouse or mice from the Mus musculus species are used for production of mouse monoclonal antibodies or mabs and as research model for humans in your lab. Mouse are mature after 40 days for females and 55 days for males. The female mice are pregnant only 20 days and can give birth to 10 litters of 6-8 mice a year. Transgenic, knock-out, congenic and inbread strains are known for C57BL/6, A/J, BALB/c, SCID while the CD-1 is outbred as strain.
Additonal Description ER-MP 58 is a useful marker for the detection in mouse of all M-CSF responsive cells in the bone marrow and the majority of other myeloid blood cell precursors. It is detected on a broad development range of macrophage precursor cells up to the monocytic level. It is therefore also very suitable for the identification of myeloid hemopoietic islands in various organs and for embryological studies. An even more precise characterization of macrophage development stages is achieved when ER-MP 58 is combined with other BMA markers. Application: IHC (f, p), FACS