MCSF protein

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5 µg

Reactivity Human
Shipping conditions Blue Ice
Category Proteins
Type of protein Recombinant
Expression System Insect cells
Tested for Functional Assay
Grade & Purity Grater than 98% pure
Antibody Subtype Recombinant Proteins
Area of research Cytokines & Growth Factors
Storage Store at -70 deg C or less.
Method of Purification MCSF protein was purified by affinity chromatography.
Form & Buffer Provided as a sterile liquid with phosphate-buffered saline 1% BSA,0.22 um filtered.
Bioactivity The bioactivity of this protein, as determined in acell proliferation assay on M-NFS-60 cells, is 3ng/ml. This corresponds to a specific activity of 3.3 X 10 5 Units/mg.
Assay Information The ED50 of this protein, as measured by 2E8 cell proliferation assay, is less than or equal to 1.6 ng/ml. This corresponds to a specific activity of greater than or equal to 6.3 x 10e5 Units/mg.